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Gold Sponsor of Hillside Sharks Football Club

By Nuria Celentano

The Hillside Football Club (SHFC) – also known as the Sharks was formed in 1999 by a small group of parents and comprised of children and their families residing in the Sydenham, Hillside and surrounding areas.

Providing free subscriptions, Ray White has contributed sponsorship for the Hillside Football Club over a period of time and is now listed as one of their Gold Sponsors.

The club has been blessed with a myriad of generous sponsors who have supported the Sharks from inception,. Our major sponsors have been brilliant in their support for the Sharks and thus the local community. We need to continue to grow and provide the opportunity for players of all ages to develop their football skills, to experience the benefits of teamwork and to widen their association with other residents in their own area -reinforcing a sense of community spirit. We trust this will be the strength of this club in the years to come.

Click here to view their official website.

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