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How to Declutter Your Garden

By Yianna Sakabetis

When was the last time you took a good hard look at the potted plants in your home or how the overall garden looks?

1. Has the plant lost its shine?

Sometimes people don’t see what a plant looks like right now. Instead they have a memory of what it looked like the day they brought it home. The pot is still beautiful but the plant maybe hasn’t been doing so great. Be honest with yourself and get rid of the ones that no longer work in your home. Sometimes you have to say goodbye. It’s okay to get rid of plants. Some people think that because it’s alive, it’s not something that can be parted with. That’s simply not true. Sometimes it’s okay to call it a day with a certain plant and move on to the next one.

2. Consider how you use potted plants – inside and outside

If your ‘garden’ is an indoor garden, then you’ll know that houseplants are like other knick-knacks that you have around your home. Less is more. It’s hard to see anything individually when there’s too much to look at. Ask yourself: Is there a specific choice that you’ve made with your houseplants or have you simply been collecting them as you find them? It’s time to thoughtfully consider how you use potted plants around your home. Consider if they contribute to the design and feel of your home and get rid of the excess.

3. Clear the garden clutter

The quickest way to help spruce up the garden is to get rid of all the dead leaves, twigs and other plant matter that needs to go. Next, edging around all borders has an immediate effect of making everything look tidy. Finally, clean up any stained hard surfaces you can. Those simple things will make a drab looking garden immediately look like a space that someone cares for.

4. Trim to keep a garden healthy and looking great

Editing in a garden is crucial. Whether it’s trimming back overgrown plants, getting rid of weeds, or simply thinning out patches where there are too many plants – all of that is a form of decluttering and organising. And, it’s crucial to the health of your garden

5. Create a focus and create interest

If you feel that your garden looks too cluttered, it might be because you haven’t set one focal point for the garden. Multiple plants, sculptures, rocks, etc., all are distracting. Instead, concentrate on one piece that you’d like to look at and build the rest of the garden from there. While your focus should be on one item, it’s perfectly fine for that “one item” to be a collection of the same items arranged in a way as to make it look like one piece.

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